Designed specifically for retailers to help you plan and achieve the future growth ambitions you want for your business and yourself.



The all-in-one Business Growth System for SME and Independent Retailers looking to:

- Increase traffic through online and in-store experiences

- Create a Performance Coaching culture

- Increase revenue and profitability

- Spend more time working on the business instead of in the business

The System was created for business owners and managers who are looking at how they can spend more time creating strategies to drive the business forwards, instead of just working in the business.

How it works?

The Business Growth System is built around 3 core areas:


Benchmark your retail business against the industry and identify growth opportunities with our Performance Diagnostic

The RPS Performance Diagnostic will benchmark your retail business and give you an authoritative, independent report on the challenges facing your business and solutions to deliver significant sales increases.

The diagnostic covers five key factors:

1. Financial performance

2. Business vision and culture

3. Driving traffic

4. People performance

5. Shopping environment and customer excellence


Learn the RPS Growth Model to achieve lasting success and sustainablity

3 one-day workshops delivered to you and your Senior Management to:

1. Understand the RPS Growth Model

2. Implement the RPS Growth Model to a commercial level to deliver results

The RPS Growth Model comprises of 5 key areas which you will learn to drive your business to its next level of success.

1. Performance Mindset

2. Business Dashboard

3. Driving Traffic through effective Marketing

4. Moving KPIs

5. Commercial Coaching


Even professional athletes have a coach

We understand that every business faces their own challenges specific to them. We have a team of Retail Experts who know what is required to “win” in today’s tough retail environment.

Our team of specialists provide specific solutions to the challenges you are facing and work with you on the 90 day game plan to achieve the results.



The Business Growth System is tailored to suit your needs and provide you with practical tools, plans and best practices that will help to facilitate rapid and sustainable business growth.


  • A system to drive accelerated and sustainable growth

  • More confidence and increased focus on priorities 

  • The proven path to improved profitability

  • More effective leadership and management skills

  • Access to the knowledge of RPS' industry experts


  • Traffic

  • Average Transaction Value

  • Conversion rate

  • Items per sale

  • Online presence (website & social media)

  • Revenue

  • Profitability



"RPS know how to move numbers and deliver REAL results!"

“We signed up for the RPS Business Growth Programme as a result of a conference call which was based around the use of statistical KPI information to drive my business forward, looking at it from a performance angle. After completing the programme we had achieved a minimum 30% increase in sales. The programme exceeded expectations and I’d recommend it to others.”

 Rod Bell – Business Owner for 5 years

“I’ve been in retail for 14 years and a business owner for 5 years. I completed the RPS Business Growth Programme and came away with action points around having a clear sales goal to achieve, attracting more traffic and creating operational and sales standards and sticking to them. This has so far delivered £150,000k for my business”.

Hilmar Prato – Retailer and Business Owner for 14 years



RPS are a world-leading performance consulting firm based in the UK. With 35 years experience we have helped thousands of retailers improve top-line sales and profitability.

Put simply we are industry experts in performance improvement for retailers.

Our World Class Business Growth System allows us to help your business deliver significant and sustainable performance increases by embedding proven global success business structures, strategies and principles into your business.

We understand that each retailer faces different challenges, therefore we don't apply a "one size fits all approach". Instead, we conduct a diagnostic on all retail businesses we work with to identify the specific challenges you are facing, and build with you a game-plan to overcome those challenges and drive performance.

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From implementing new business strategies to creating a performance coaching culture, Retail Performance Specialists is ready to give you the winning blueprint and put you on the path to success. Since 1985, we've helped our clients by delivering services that transform SME/Independent businesses.
Contact us today for more information and make sure the Business Growth System is for you and your business.



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